Eight Core Advantages

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Product display Eight Core Advantages Product performance parameters
Modular heat exchange technology
Selection of the world's largest heat exchanger manufacturer, the Netherlands BEKAEPT original silicon cast aluminium thermal exchanger;
Adopting modular cast aluminium heat exchanger technology, which has strong versatility and replacement mode;
The pin design of heat exchanger sheet greatly increases the heat transfer area and efficiency.
The heat exchanger adopts counter-current design of flue and water channel to ensure full heat exchange at every point of the heat exchanger, and the difference between flue gas temperature and boiler return water temperature is only 5-10 degrees Celsius.
The whole combustion chamber is surrounded by the heat transfer channel by the design of water cooling structure, which achieves the effect of instant combustion and instant heating.
Full pre-coagulation condensation technology
The metal fiber burner of BEKAEPT, a professional burner manufacturer in Europe, was selected for full premixed low nitrogen combustion. The NO_x emission was below 30mg/Nm_and CO emission was 40ppm, which was lower than the most stringent emission standard in China.
By using condensation technology, the latent heat of steam can be fully recovered, and the operation efficiency of condensation boilers can reach 109%.;
Cloud technology

The original cloud technology control system of SIEMENS in Germany is selected to realize on-site, remote and real-time monitoring and operation of boilers, which is convenient and fast, and realize unattended working mode for boilers.

Stepless Frequency Conversion Regulating Technology
The gas regulating valve of SIEMENS in Germany and the non-polar variable frequency fan of Ebmpapst in Germany are selected. The output load is adjusted by 10%-100%(regulation ratio is 1:10). The heat output curve of the boiler is as close as possible to the dynamic heat demand curve, with less invalid output, and the operation efficiency is improved.

Safety Monitoring and Protection Technology
Safety monitoring and protection, all-round guarantee of equipment safety, to achieve unattended operation
Water Flow Protection-Monitoring the Normal Operation of Pumps
Flame Protection - Monitoring the Combustion Flame to Ensure the Normal Combustion of the Combustor
Gas Pressure Protection-Gas Pressure Overlow Stop Protection
Temperature protection-protection of excessive temperature of effluent
Anti-freezing protection - when the water temperature of the boiler is below 4 C, the boiler is automatically heated to 15 C.
High and Low Pressure Protection - Boiler will not be damaged due to voltage fluctuation
Flue protection-protection against flue blockage and condensate discharge blockage
Air Pressure Protection - Monitoring the Operation of Fans to Ensure the Normal Operation of Burners
Filter Blockage Protection - Monitor the Blockage Status of Filters
Multiple Intelligent Control Mode Technology
Humanized design, a key to easily adjust various heating modes!
Comfort mode
Energy-saving mode
Indoor Constant Temperature Switch Heating Control Mode
Outdoor Temperature Controller Heating Control Mode

Bring customers a new experience accessible, comfortable, energy-saving and portable!

Boiler Design Science
Boiler has scientific design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and small floor area.
Take a 1-ton condensing boiler as an example, its weight is only 0.55 tons, less than 25% of the traditional boiler weight, and its volume is small and light. It is installed in basement, roof and other places through door holes and elevators, occupying less than 1.3 m_and no hoisting ports need to be reserved.
The base of condensing boiler has movable wheels and adjustable height, which provides convenient conditions for the mobile installation and commissioning of boiler equipment. The exhaust pipe adopts PVC pipe, which is easy to install and saves installation cost.
Group Control Intermodal Transport Technology with High Regulating Ratio

♦ In mild climate, all boilers are put into operation, and all of them operate at medium and low load levels. High condensation rate and high boiler efficiency.
♦ When the regulating ratio of a single boiler is 1:10 and the power of the first boiler reaches 60%, the second boiler is opened, and then the respective power of the two boilers is reduced to 30%.
♦ When the total power of the two boilers reaches 90%, the third boilers are opened, and then the respective power of the three boilers is reduced to 30%.
♦ When the total power of the three boilers reaches 120%, the fourth boilers are opened, and then the respective power of the four boilers is reduced to 30%. Then the power of the four boilers is synchronously increased until the total power reaches a maximum of 400%.